Saturday, April 20, 2013

8-1 win gives the Sockeyes a perfect round robin tournament.


What more can you say about the Richmond Sockeyes? 14 straight wins, 4-0 at the Cyclone Taylor Cup and now 5-0 in the Keystone Cup round robin. Richmond is absolutely on fire and that continued tonight beating the Manitoba representative Peguis Juniors 8-1.

Richmond came into this game already knowing that they had clinched a spot in the gold medal game, but pride was on the line. At the other end of the ice this was a must win for the Peguis Juniors, they had to win to make the Gold Medal game. They would not win this game though as they would be defeated by the Sockeyes on this night. 

From the opening faceoff to the end of the game the Sockeyes dominated both offensively and defensively. They did this without most of their starters. In for the game was Derek Hughes, Bret Higham and William Latimer. Adam Nishi, Dominic Centis and Daniel Tait were out. Kootenay Alder was also resting in the game.

William Latimer had a big game in net, he is now 3-0 in the Cyclone and Keystone Cup games that he has played. In this game he made a number of big saves keeping it close early on and he stopped 22 of 23. At one point he hugged and tapped his posts for saving him in the third period. 

The Sockeyes player was Danton Heinen who has been playing top notch hockey for months now. He had a goal and an assist in the game. He should have been credited for another one but for some reason it was given to Jordan Andrews.

The game did get a bit out of hand in the second with numerous penalties on both sides of the ice. But after the second it all ended and they played very respectable hockey.

What a tournament Rudi Thorsteinson has had, he added another two goals and an assist to his tournament leading 10 goals and 4 assists for 14 points. He also had a couple moments of hilarity as he nearly fell once on the corner of the boards, and then did fall stepping out of the players bench. The whole crowd cheered and jeered him on when it happened. A brief moment of hilarity.

Goal scorers for Richmond were Danton Heinen, Liam Lawson, Daniell Lange, Jordan ANdrews(Heinens goal), Jake Roder, Stephen Campbell and Rudi Thorsteinson(2). Jeremy Hamaguchi added three assists as well.

Sockeyes have outshot their opponents 225-108 and outscored them 39-10 in five games.

Tomorrow will be the game for all the marbles though as the Richmond Sockeyes will look to make it 15 straight wins and win their franchises second Keystone Cup. The Gold Medal game goes at 1:00 PM Central time and 11AM Pacific time. You can tune in on Fast Hockey for a video broadcast and we will be constantly updating the game via twitter

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